Saturday, August 01, 2015

EM BOUND. A place for medical students interested in Emergency Medicine

Welcome to EM BOUND. A blog for medical students interested in pursuing emergency medicine as a career.  As program directors for the sub-internship in emergency medicine @NYPEM we've been noticing a need for more trusted, student focused, and curated online content.

The EM BOUND project is designed to fulfill that gap. It is a collaborative project run by medical students and the NYPEM faculty to give you a high yield focused view of the EM bound process.  Here you will find regular posts relevant to where you are in your career when you need it.

To start we have created an EM Handbook on Flipboard filled with curated and original content that will help you plan your fourth year, succeed in your sub-internships, and get your  ERAS and interview skills honed to perfection. Please follow along and stay tuned for more great EM BOUND educational content in the days ahead.



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