Tuesday, August 25, 2015

IV Basics

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One task every EM sub-I should know how to do is place an IV. But frequently the ED may be the first time you really place an IV - most patients come to the floor with an IV already in. The video will walk you through placing an IV, with a quick text summary below.

-Fluid Bag
-Cannula and needle
-IV Start Kit (tourniquet, tape, transparent dressing, alcohol, gauze, small extension)


Before any procedure: Wash your hands and use proper protective equipment (here: gloves)

Also remember you can change the position of the patient and the lighting in the room. These can make an enormous difference in your success rate (not to mention sparing contorting yourself into uncomfortable positions).

1. Set up and flush all the lines. This means spike the bag, clamp it off, and put the flush syringe on the small extender

2. Find the vein. Place the tourniquet on to help.

3. Prep the patient. Use the alcohol to clean the site, and get your needle ready, spinning the cannula on the hub to make sure it doesn’t stick.

4. Push the needle in. Wait for flashback, then advance slightly forward and push the cannula off the needle.

5. Undo the tourniquet and retract the needle. Apply pressure proximally for hemostasis.

6. Attach the small extender and flush. If there is local swelling or the flush is not easy, you are likely not in the vein.

7. Detach the flush syringe and attach the IV tubing.

8. Open up the fluid flow. Watch for continuous drips.

9. Secure the IV tubing to the patient with tape and/or other dressings.

10. Celebrate! The IV is in. You did it. Go you.

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  1. really very detailed and easy to understand guide to making an IV and the video tutorial is additionally helpful for generating better understanding.